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"Failed to bind label in database" Error When Using Quick Find

When trying to run a Quick Find search, some users will see a “Failed to bind label in database” error message. This error can usually be fixed by ensuring the Quick Find settings in Service Manager have been properly configured.

  1. Log onto your application server.

  2. Open Service Manager.

  3. Click Quick Find Indexing in the panel to the left.

  4. Confirm the following:

    • The correct database has been selected in the Database to Index dropdown menu.

    • The Allow Quick Find checkbox has been selected.

    • The file path in the Index Directory field is correct. This file path is a directory that you have previously created and should be similar to C:Temp\Indexes\businessID\databaseID, replacing businessID with your organization’s business ID and replacing databaseID with name of the database selected in the Database to Index dropdown menu. IIS must have access to this directory.

    • The checkboxes for the data you want indexed in Perspective have been selected in the Entity/Column Selection section.

  5. Save your changes and close Service Manager.

  6. Perform an IIS reset.

    Note: If this is a production environment, there will a momentary service interruption resulting in users being briefly disconnected. However, the application likely won’t crash and users should be able to reconnect automatically.

  7. Run the Quick Find Indexing tool. The indexed files will be stored in the directory specified in the Index Directory field in step 4 above. Refer to the Quick Find Indexing section in the Perspective Installation Guide for detailed instructions. 

  8. Perform an additional IIS reset.

After following these steps, users should now be able to run a Quick Find search without any error messages.

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