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Custom Report Does Not Reflect Changes Made to the Analysis Expert Query

If your Analysis Expert query is missing a data field, you can edit the query, but the added field(s) are not displayed in the custom report. This issue can be resolved by following the steps below:

  1. Edit the Analysis Expert query used for your affected custom report.
  2. Open another instance of Perspective with the original report open. If you're using a multi-monitor setup, leave one instance of Perspective on one monitor and open the second instance of Perspective on the second monitor.
  3. On the second instance of Perspective, add a new report and select the newly edited query again.
  4. When the new report opens, copy and paste any objects and report container elements from the original to the new report.

    NOTE: When pasting the report container elements, you'll be prompted to choose the data source, which is the edited query with the newly added fields.

This should give you the ability to edit the Analysis Expert query that is used for a custom report and have the changes be reflected in the report.

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