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Perspective 5.4 – New Features

Alarm Management

  • Connect can now be used to send alarm alerts to dispatchers.
  • Connect can also create activity records in Perspective for events that don’t require an alarm or dispatch to be issued to the dispatcher.
  • Using the new Alarms Management panel in Dispatch, dispatchers can escalate the alarm to create a new dispatch or acknowledge and/or close the alarm in both Dispatch and the source system.
  • Alarms in Dispatch come with many of the same features available for dispatches, including visual alerts, timers, conversations (messaging), and more.


  • Dispatch administrators can now enable a user’s ability to create temporary locations from the panels by selecting the “Allow add Locations on the Fly” checkbox in a user’s profile. These locations are automatically removed from the system once the dispatch is closed and removed from the Closed Dispatches panel.
  • Dispatch administrators can now control whether global addresses (a new feature that displays world map locations) and Perspective site rollups appear in location search results. When enabled, users with the “Allow add Locations on the Fly” option enabled in their profiles can use these search results to create temporary locations.
  • Dispatch location fields now display recent and most commonly used locations for each user.
  • Dispatchers can now reassign officers to a task without deleting and recreating the task.
  • It’s now possible to perform bulk actions in Dispatch (e.g. Close or Reassign) using the new multi-select enhancement in the Dispatches, Officers, and Alarms panels.
  • The Dispatches panel now includes Dispatcher, Location, and Call Category filters.
  • The Closed Dispatches panel now includes filters to narrow down which records are displayed.
  • Improved the display for location search results and the current location in the Map panel in Dispatch.
  • Improved Dispatch performance for systems with a large number of locations.
  • The new “Update Query” option in Perspective Custom Reports modifies a report to ensure it reflects the most recent version of the associated query or queries.
  • All API services (Perspective/Integration Services/Dispatch Services) now provide health data for better uptime monitoring during load balance management.
  • Improved translation for the German (de-de) and Dutch (nl-nl) Perspective language packs.
  • Full language support is now available for the Web Portal and Officer Mobile applications. Translations are also available as part of the updated language packs.
  • Full support for TLS 1.2 security protocols is now available.
  • Improved the security with HTTP headers.
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