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Custom Reports error “User has limited rights to perform this task. User action canceled.”

Some users may encounter the following error when trying to run or edit an existing Custom Report:


The most common cause for this issue is a label change in Perspective Administration Form Labels. This issue will only occur if the form label is referenced in your report:


If a change is made to the label in Perspective Administration > Form Levels – the label in Custom Reports will update automatically. 

This error can usually be fixed by following the steps listed below:

  1. Log into Perspective as an Administrator and go to Form Labels.
  2. Locate and restore the form label to what it was originally.
  3. Save and log out.
  4. Login again and go to the custom report.
  5. Remove the reference to the form label in the custom report.
  6. Save the report.
  7. Return to Administration > Form Labels and change the Form Label to a new value.
  8. Save and Log out.
  9. Login again and return to the custom report. You can now choose and select the new Form Label. Change to the new form label and save the report.

If you anticipate making any changes to your Form Labels – please confirm the ones that are actively being used in your Custom Reports prior making the change.  You’ll need to remove these from your Custom reports and then reference the new labels once the changes are complete.

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