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Report text cut off on margin for GRC

Problem - The details on a report are not wrapping properly. Information is being cut off at the right margin.

Cause: The issue is caused by a long hyperlink, which unlike standard text, doesn’t wrap. The screen won’t adjust to accommodate the long hyperlink and this results in text being cut off at the right margin.

Solution: By modifying the Link Text to add spaces, we can force the hyperlink to wrap. Note that this won’t break the URL as we are only modifying the Link Text that appears on screen. To do this:

  1. Click into the field containing the URL and click on the Hyperlink Manager 
  2. Move your cursor to the end of the Link Text and then moving right to left, add a space approximately every 20 characters. Do this two or three times and then click OK. If the issue remains, repeat the process in increments of two spaces. The longer the Link Text, the more spaces you will need.                                                      
  3. After the required number of spaces have been entered, the hyperlink will successfully wrap and the text that was previously cut off will now be visible.


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