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Introducing Integrated Risk Management for Security

Over the past few months, you’ve heard us talk a lot about Integrated Risk Management (IRM). But with IRM only just starting to be adopted as an industry-wide term, there is often confusion about what the term actually denotes. As a security-focused company dedicated to improving the incident and investigations management process, Resolver has adopted an IRM framework to enable security teams to benefit from information being collected throughout their organizations, and to enable risk teams to leverage the pivotal information security teams collect to set benchmarks and create realistic risk actions plans. Our vision of IRM incorporates planning and preparation for an event through the implementation of appropriate safeguards and action plans (risk management) with the security response and recovery efforts following an event (incident and investigations management). This sharing of intelligence breaks down departmental siloes and creates an information feedback loop that ultimately empowers both risk and security teams through a more holistic view of their organization’s risks and incidents.

What does this mean for security teams?

On the daily, security teams collect an arsenal of key data that can be used across the organization to improve risk management planning. Similarly, security teams can benefit from information collected from risk teams –such as risk assessment information. Resolver is working to bridge this information gap through an end-to-end integrated risk management vision that pulls in data from both the risk and physical security teams to create one unified picture.

Want to learn more about Resolver’s vision and how you can bring IRM to your organization?

Join us at Int:rsect—the most forward-thinking Integrated Risk Management conference of the year! Int:rsect brings together the thought leaders, practitioners, content, and tools that you’ll need to jumpstart a best-in-class Integrated Risk Management framework within your organization. Learn more and register here.  Or check out our press release here: https://www.resolver.com/about-us/news/resolver-showcase-new-corporate-security-software-applications-annual-user-event-intrsect-may-20-23-2018-san-diego/



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