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What is Officer Mobile?

Officer Mobile is a mobile app that works closely with Dispatch, but was created specifically for officers. If your officers are using the app, they’ll be able to view and manage their assigned tasks, bring themselves on or off duty, create logs, attach images to dispatches, and have live conversations with dispatchers and other officers. When dispatchers and officers are connected through Officer Mobile, any changes made in Dispatch or Officer Mobile are updated in real time, ensuring dispatchers and officers are always connected and up-to-date throughout the entire process.

When an officer is assigned a task on a dispatch, they're able to view that dispatch's details, including its location. When an indoor location point has been selected, the officer can view that indoor location's map, floor plan, or blueprint and any temporary location pins the dispatcher might have placed to specify exactly where the activity is taking place. For more information on Officer Mobile, see the Officer Mobile User's Guide.

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