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Resolver Core: Version 2.0 Now Available

Resolver is pleased to announce the release of Resolver Core 2.0. 

For Version 2.0, our team focused on: 

  • Updated Navigation: Our new interface offers a top down structure. We are replacing the left navigation menu with a top navigation bar that includes both dropdown menus and tabs, valuable screen space is freed up while simultaneously providing more application/activity-related information as users move around an app.
  • Assessment Enhancements! Our second phase of Assessments is being introduced with 2.0 – allowing for risk and control assessments and security audits.
  • Updated Workflow Options: We have added in Orchestration between objects and new actions, as well as new support for our assessment enhancements.

Our team has our full release notes on the features available with Version 2.0 on our Customer Portal: http://resolver.knowledgeowl.com/help/2-0-release-notes



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