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Sneak Peek: Risk Vision V9.0

Our development team is in the final stages of development for RiskVision V9.0 with our team planning for a Q2 release. We have new features and improvements to help our customers get more out of the system. 

New features:

  • Threat object and importing threat data from the CrowdStrike Falcon Threat Intel and FireEye iSight threat intelligence feeds
  • Correlation of threats with vulnerabilities
  • Incorporation of threat data into vulnerability risk scoring
  • Ability to attribute threats to incidents
  • Ability to track threat mitigation


  • The Metrics Trend Generator will allow for the trending of virtually any type of data in RiskVision
  • Ability to place a new IP Address column on the Entities Grid
  • Ability to search by multiple IP addresses within the same search
  • More scalable Affected Entities page that allows ticketing of groups of vulnerabilities up to many of thousands of vulnerability instances
  • Multiple security enhancements as a result of extensive pen tests of the RiskVision application

 If you have any questions on our upcoming release - please let us know!

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