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How To Disable Ticket Update Email Notification?

When a user updates a ticket, an email notification is sent out to the Ticket owner. There are no settings in the UI to disable this notification. To disable the notification, enable the the property com.agiliance.ticket.update.email.enabled=false

To disable ticket update email notification:

  1. Log in to the server where the application is installed. Navigate to the location \%Agiliance_Home%\config
  2. Open the agiliance.properties file
  3. Type-in or copy-paste the property com.agiliance.ticket.update.email.enabled=false in the agiliance.properties file
  4. Go to Services.msc and restart the Tomcat


  1. Login to the application and go to RiskVision Administration > Commands tab
  2. Click the Reload button, in the Configuration section
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