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Program 'More Actions' Drop Down is Missing the Import and Export Options

Applies to RiskVision Versions: 7.5  

Symptoms: Program 'More Actions' drop down is missing import and export options

Steps to reproduce and compare results in v7.5 and v7.0

  1. Login to RV and open the Compliance Manager module
  2. Open Program 
  3. Click 'More Actions' drop down Perform the above steps on both a 7.0.7325.145 and 7.5.7403.349 and you will different results.

V7.5 has the following 3 options. -Synch Workflow, Copy Questionnaire Results, Customize

V7.0 has the following 5 options -Export -Import -Synch Workflow -Copy Questionnaire Results -Customize  

Resolution:  RiskVision v7.5 requires the following property to be added to the agiliance:  allow.program.import.export=true

Steps to update the agiliance.properties file:

  1. Login to the application server
  2. Open Windows Explorer and navigate to '%Agiliance_Home%\config'
  3. Open the agiliance.properties file
  4. Add the following property and click 'Save'.  allow.program.import.export=true
  5. Restart the Tomcat Service This will allow the Import and export options to become visible. 
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