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Change the Oracle Schema Owner Password Associated with RiskVision?

To change the Oracle schema owner password associated with RiskVision:

  1. Alter the schema owner account within Oracle and change the password
  2. Open a command prompt and navigated to %Agiliance_Home%\install\toolbox\bin
  3. Run the command, encrypt <pwd> (Replace <pwd> with the password from step 1)
  4. There will be several lines of output. Copy the last line. It will look something like this, e149ecb93e547171Jr0ZRPThau3+BvxEaHobRA==
  5. Navigate to the %Agiliance_Home%\config directory and open the agiliance.properties file
  6. Replace the encrypted hash string for database.oracle.password.encrypted= with the new hash string generated in step 4
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