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Trigger an Alternate Workflow for Tickets

Full Detail: RiskVision enables end users to create multiple workflows in the system that can be tied to different types of tickets. For instance, an analyst may want to create a workflow for requesting changes to firewall rules.

To trigger this workflow, the analyst can create a "Firewall Request" ticket type and link it to the corresponding workflow. To enable this configuration, update the following properties in %AGILIANCE_HOME%configagiliance.properties: #ticket_workflow_assignment=Workflow Name:(ticket.ticketType == "Ticket Type") ticket_workflow_assignment=Firewall Change Request:(ticket.ticketType == "Firewall Request") The Apache Tomcat service will need to be restarted for the change to take effect.

If the provided solution fails to resolve the problem, please file a support request with Agiliance Support.

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