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RiskVision Components Backup Strategies Prior to Upgrading

Applies to RiskVision Versions: 7.5, 8.0   

Topic:  The purpose of the document is to discuss backup strategies prior to upgrading RiskVision components. This document assumes RiskVision components are spread across multiple tiers but can be applied to single-tier environments as well.   

Available backup options:  

  1. Take a snapshot if RiskVision is configured on a virtual environment. Applies to: App, Web, MySQL database, Report Server.
  2. Copy the server and all sub folders to a new location where there is sufficient disk space. Applies to: App, Web, MySQL database. 
  3. Copy the latest compressed backup file located in '%Agiliance_Home%'\backup folder. Verify all files are of reasonable size and test to verify they are working correctly.   The RiskVision team advises to have one or more verified backup types prior to performing upgrades. A verified backup is one that has been tested to work correctly prior to when a backup is required.

This will increase the confidence level your backup plan will work properly when needed.  Consult your Oracle Database administrator for details on the database backup as Oracle backup strategies are outside the scope of this document. Consult the RiskVision Product Support Team with any questions in regards to this document.

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