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Report Server Install Fails to Install with Script stderr Executing initdb.exe.

Symptoms: Report Server install fails to install with: Script stderr: Executing initdb.exe -U postgres -E UTF8 -D E:/REPORT~1/POSTGR~1/data  

Resolution: The installer is unable to write to the server. The typical reasons for this are either the installer does not have write permission recursively or the antiviral tool that is installed on the system is preventing the install.   

To correct this issue:    

  1. Remove the Reports Server Steps  
  2. Use add and remove program to remove Jasper Reports Server  
  3. Delete all folders underneath X:\Reportserver (may require a restart of the server if there is a lock on a file) 
  4. Install using the 64-bit installer if this is an option (not required but is recommended) - do this by making sure the correct ' jasperreports-server-4.5.1-windows-###-installer.exe' is located in the install directory, for example, jasperreports-server-4.5.1-windows-x64-installer.exe. If both files are located in this folder then the wrong file may be loaded by the installer.  
  5. Create the ReportServer folder under any drive. 
  6. Add this folder to the 'exception' list of all antivirus tools that are installed on this server.
  7. Change folder permissions for the ReportServer folder to allow full control recursively ( this can be changed back later).
  8. Initiate the Report Server install by right-clicking the reportserver.exe and choosing the 'Run as administrator' option if applicable.
  9. Proceed with the install per the RiskVision Installation Guide. 
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