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Configure Apache Web Server with Siteminder

To configure Apache Web Server with Siteminder:  

  1. Go to the %AGILIANCE_HOME%\apache2\conf\extra\ directory, open the agiliance-redirect.properties file
  2. Replace JkMount /spc/* ajp13 with JkMount /spc/* agl_tomcat  JkMount /jasperserver-pro/* jasper_tomcat  
  3. Go to the %AGILIANCE_HOME%\apache2\conf\extra\ directory, open the worker.properties file
  4. Replace  worker.list=ajp13  worker.ajp13.port=8009  worker.ajp13.host=localhost  worker.ajp13.type=ajp13   With   worker.list=agl_tomcat,jasper_tomcat  worker.agl_tomcat.port=8009  worker.agl_tomcat.host=localhost  worker.agl_tomcat.type=ajp13  worker.jasper_tomcat.port=8409  worker.jasper_tomcat.host=localhost  worker.jasper_tomcat.type=ajp13
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