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Entities Removed from a Dynamic Group Are Not Automatically Removed from the Program

Issue: When the program options Automatically assess Entities that moved into selected dynamic groups and Automatically remove Entities that have moved out of selected dynamic groups are selected, entities moved to a dynamic group are not automatically added to a program and entities moved out of a dynamic group are not automatically removed from the program.

Workaround:  To set the below properties

  1. Navigate to %AGILIANCE_HOME%\Services\RC\cfg folder
  2. Open the agiliance_wrapper.conf file by using a text editor
  3. Change the properties, wrapper.java.additional.1=-XX:MaxPermSize=512M (Permgen space OutofMemory)
  4. The exception can be in the range of 256M, 512M, 640M and so on
  5. wrapper.java.maxmemory=1024 (Heap OutofMemory Exception can be in the range of 1024, 1536 and so on)
  6. Restart RiskVision services


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