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Report IP Detail Information for Network Entities

To report information on loaded Network Device entities with IP address lines, this information can be captured in a query-based report that joins the following tables:

  • Agl_endpoint
  • Agl_asset
  • Agl_computersystem

Also, the IP address is displayed in numeric form.  Use the INET_NOA function to display in a readable format. See the following query as a starting point.

SELECT at.asset_id, at.name, cs.host_name, cs.domain_name, CONVERT(INET_NTOA(ep.ipv4_address) USING latin1)

FROM agl_asset at

INNER JOIN agl_endpoint ep ON at.asset_id = ep.asset_id

INNER JOIN agl_computersystem cs ON at.asset_id = cs.asset_id;


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