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Non-stakeholders Can’t Move the Workflow to the Next Stage

To move non-stakeholders in the workflow to the next stage

  1. Create/modify a policy workflow such that step 1 has ownership type of 'author' and step 2 has the ownership of 'reviewer' (ownership type can be any value.) 
  2. Create a policy
  3. Create Role Permissions, provide the user the following permissions 
    • all assessment except for manage 
    • all policy except for manage 
    • all program except for manage 
    • all questionnaire 
    • all workflow 
  4. Create two users 'usera' and 'userr' and assign to 'permissions' role 
  5. Add policy ownership types, as users 
    • Author  as 'usera' 
    • Reviewer as 'userr' 
  6. Login as 'usera' 
  7. Open assessment work flow created in step 2 and click workflow checkbox 
  8. Click through the workflow

Expected: 'usera' should be able to proceed the stage 1 of the workflow but not stage 2. 

Actual: 'usera' can proceed through all stages of the workflow.

Resolution: Most likely due to the permissions, users with ‘Manage’ type permissions will often have high level abilities in RiskVision. Remove the Control – Manage permission from this user and all other non-essential ‘Manage’ type permission. This should resolve the issue. File a case with the Product Support team if it does not.

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