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Control Target Profile

What is the use of Control Target Profiles?

If the requirement is as such that Content must be assigned to the users(on assessment launch) based on Content-Entity match, then we implement Control Target Profiles.

Here is an example of how to create target profile, assign them to Content, launch an assessment and check if the assessment is launched based on content-entity match.


  1. Create two Target Profiles CTProfile1 and CTProfile2. After the creation, navigate to Target Selection tab and edit it. Add the selection based on entity type Computer and Application.
  2. Create a Control with subcontrols in it. Subcontrol1 and Subcontrol2
  3. Go to each of the subcontrol and navigate to Target Profiles tab. Edit it and add the target profiles which we created in step1. See  below:
  4. Create two entities.One of type Computer and other of type Application
  5. Create a Program and select the Control created in step2 under Content section of the Program and Launch assessments for two of the entities created in step4
  6. Check the Assessment launched by verifying if the subcontrol1 is assigned to Computer Entity and subcontrol2 is assigned to Application entity(according to Step3)
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