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Retrieving Health Reports from RiskVision

Below, are the steps for retrieving RiskVision Health Report and sending them to support.

Step #1: Login into Resolver RiskVision

Step #2: Pull down to “Administration” Tab (refer to Figure 1)

Figure 1: “Administration” Tab

Step #3: Click on “Health Report” on the left hand menu (refer to Figure 2)

Figure 2: “Health Report” tab

Step #4: Click on the “Download Health Report” button on the top right hand corner (refer to Figure 3).

Figure 3: “Download Health Report” button

Step #5: You will get a dialog box “Opening HealthReport.htm” please save the file and click “OK” button (refer to Figure 4).

Figure 4: “Opening HealthReport.htm” dialog box

Step #6: Please email the Health Report (HTML format) to Agiliance Health Report at (HealthReport@agiliance.com).

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