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WRM 9.7.5 – New Features & Bug Fixes

New Features

Dashboard Default Reporting

  • It's now possible to configure a default ItemType for reporting directly from the dashboard review selection, making it easier to quickly access reports for item types that are important to your organization.
  • See the Enable Dashboard Default Reporting article for instructions on enabling this feature.

Multiple Attachments

  • Users can now select and download multiple attachments from a dashboard into a single zip file. This feature is particularly useful if you routinely extract and review all supporting documents attached to particular items or need to download several documents at once.
  • A file size download limit between 1KB and 1500000KB can be specified.
  • See the Open or Download Multiple Attachments article for more information on using this feature and configuring the download limit.

File Attachments

  • Users can now search for attachments by title, description, or file name. See the Search for Attachments article for more information.

Report Selected Items

  • The Move Items button is now enabled for Personnel in an item grid.
  • A new grid menu option allows users to run a report for the selected items in the grid.

Review Favourites

  • Users can now move checked reviews in the Review Selection window into the Favourites tab. See the Add Favourite Reviews article for more information. 

Bug Fixes

  • LDAP logging for user sync mismatch (WRM-3237).
  • WRM licenses no longer count deactivated users (WRM-3263).
  • Screen controls no longer display items from the wrong reviews (WRM-3264).
  • Fixed an issue that displayed an error when "Apply to all" was selected when choosing dashboard reviews (WRM-3258).
  • The Unlink and Delete grid control buttons are no longer disabled when the Hide Coverage option is selected (WRM-3259).
  • Disabled reviews are no longer appearing in the Method and Personnel selection lists (WRM-3036).
  • Global search results are now more legible when viewed on a dashboard with a reporting control (WRM-1099).
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