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Sneak Peek: RiskVision V9.1

Our development team is in the final stages of development for RiskVision V9.1 with our team planning for a Q3 release. We have new features and improvements to help our customers get more out of the system. 

New Features:

  • Reporting: We are introducing a brand new compliance dashboard, and self-service reporting for controls, control objectives and control group results.
  • Knowledge Base: With 9.1, we are bringing in a new knowledge base that will allow you to easily search and access information - whether you are in the system or you search on-line.


  • New Support for KRI assessment restarts, and a comment per KRI period.
  • Tickets have a new Vulnerability Instances section that will clearly show what vulnerabilities are being ticketed on what assets.
  • Archiving is being introduced for vulnerabilities and tickets.
  • Enhanced document and assessment storage management.



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