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Open or Download Multiple Attachments

This article provides instructions for opening and downloading multiple attachments, as well as configuring a file size download limit. The multiple attachments feature is available on WRM 9.7.5 or later.

Open Multiple Attachments

To open attachments from within a method, hold Ctrl on your keyboard, then click the files you wish to open. Once the files are selected, click the Open icon. Internet Explorer will confirm if you want to open or save each attachment. Select Open to view the file or Save to download the file on your computer.

Download Multiple Attachments

Multiple attachments can be downloaded from the dashboard into a single Zip file. To do so from within a method, hold Ctrl on your keyboard, then click the files you wish to download. Once the files are selected, click the Download icon.

The application will generate a Zip file, named after the first file in the Attachments tab. Click OK to accept the security prompt and save the Zip file on your computer.

Set File Size Download Limit

By default, Zip files up to 1500000KB in size can be downloaded; however, a new amount between 1KB and 1500000KB  can be specified in the new MaxTotalFileSizeForCombinedFileDownload setting, found in the Methodware.ERA.BusinessLayer.Properties.Settings section of the core web.config file.


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