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Perspective 5.5 – New Features


  • Users can now integrate their Everbridge mass notification system with Dispatch to:
    • Link Everbridge templates with SOPs in Perspective;
    • Launch notifications directly from the SOP panel in Dispatch and monitor the notification’s progress and status; and
    • Review notification details once the dispatch has closed and moved over into Perspective as an activity.

Officer Mobile

  • The app now uses system sounds for push notifications.
  • Officer Mobile now supports iPod Touch.


  • A new Spanish (Colombia/Latin America) Perspective language pack is now available.
  • Improved translations on the French, Spanish (Mexico/Spain), and Russian Perspective language packs.
  • Improved visibility in Perspective for users with high-resolution monitors and laptops, including Microsoft Surface™
  • The maximum number of characters allowed in Perspective email fields has increased from 100 characters to 250.
  • Improved support and performance for Dispatch clustered services.
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