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Perspective 5.5 – Bug Fixes


  • Perspective now supports email addresses that contain apostrophes.
  • Fixed an issue that would cause records created before Daylight Saving Time to display the wrong time in Analysis Expert queries.
  • Custom reports now use the most recent Analysis Expert query.
  • Analysis Expert no longer shows an error when the Case Manager field is added to a query.
  • Resolved an issue that would prevent users with the appropriate permissions from viewing activity link relationships in Visual Analysis.
  • Fixed a bug that prevented Quick View from displaying correct results when searching for case manager data.

Dispatch/Officer Mobile

  • The Dispatch client no longer occasionally freezes when initializing.
  • Activities created from Dispatch are now assigned the correct workgroup prefix.
  • Fixed an issue in Officer Mobile that would result in tasks being out of sync with Dispatch.

Web Portal

  • Fixed an issue that prevented Web Portal from enforcing some required fields.
  • The date and time format in Web Portal is now locked down to a single format (YYYYMMDD). This resolved an issue that prevented European Internet Explorer users from submitting forms.
  • Fixed a date formatting issue in Web Portal that would prevent forms from submitting for European Internet Explorer users.
  • Users are no longer occasionally logged out of Web Portal while creating a BOLO.
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