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V7.11.02 Orientation

Our team has put together an orientation for you on V7.11.02.  

Feature Summary:

We are introducing prompts for saving your work when you navigate to another tab in the designer tool; Custom Forms Designer now supports adding external links and local anchor points; and we have added the Recovery Priority list of optional fields which can be hidden on the Resource form.

  • Improved performance/security for:
    • Relationship Modeler: We've made performance improvements for systems with several item relationships.
    • Custom Form Designer: We've added security improvements which include additional checks and constraints to block potentially hazardous inputs.
    • Custom Form Data:  We've made performance improvements for calculating and rendering report columns.
    • Plan or Event Editor:  We've made performance improvements on the selector changes.


How to Watch:


v7.11.02 Orientation

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