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Hide Deactivated Users in Personnel Dashboard

All users, including departed/deactivated users, will appear in the Personnel Dashboard in runtime and in the Security Editor in administration.  They cannot be deleted for historical data and audit reports. 

The workaround solution is to create a rule to hide deactivated users so they do not show in the Personnel dashboard. This solution can only be used for clients on WRM version 9.7.4 and above.

By using not Personnel.UserIsEnabledGroupMemeber(), any user that does not meet all the following criteria will be hidden in the Personnel Dashboard:

  • It is called from a personnel item
  • The personnel item has an associated user
  • The user on the personnel item is a member of at least one security group
  • The user is enabled


Step by Step Guide:

  1. Log into administration and go to the Model Rule editor.
  2. Select Personnel type.
  3. Add a new rule and give it a descriptive name. 
  4. In the Evaluate drop down box, select Before Displaying an Item.
  5. In Perform Action, select only if.
  6. Select click here to enter a condition.
  7. In the expression, enter: not Personnel.UserIsEnabledGroupMember().
  8. Validate the expression and click OK. 
  9. For Action, select Hide the item.
  10. Click Save.
  11. Refresh the Personnel Dashboard in Runtime.  Users may have to refresh the browser and log in again to see these changes.


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