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Re-validating Perspective Licenses

If you host Perspective on premise, you will receive a Perspective license. You will need to validate this license in the Perspective Service Manager. 

  1. Enter your Company Name. This is listed on the email provided to you with your license keys.
  2. Enter the Master Key. Note: the Master Key is case-sensitive.
  3. Click the Validate button. The fields below will indicate the number of active licenses, license expiry date, product level and specifications of individual licensed Modules (i.e., product and number of users).

    If you receive a prompt asking for a license location, this means the Perspective application is unable to connect to Resolver’s servers for validation.

    To resolve this error:

    1. Request a license file from Resolver Technical support: support@resolver.com; 1-877-776-2995.
    2. Place the file on the server hosting the Perspective application. 
    3. Click the […] button to browse for the license location. 
  4. Click Save to store the license information.
  5. Perform an IIS reset to update your system with the licensing information immediately.
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