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How to use Simulated Voting

Ballot has a “Simulated Voting” capability. Simulated voting can either randomly generate votes or votes can be entered using the computer keyboard. This feature is useful for Teaching and learning about Ballot and the various presentation or analysis tools and options and also provides a means of simulating a session, to learn/practice the 'theatrics' and plan your facilitation tactics.

Setting Up Simulated Voters - Step-by-Step

Ballot can simulate the voting process either by automatically generating random votes or by enabling input of votes through the computer keyboard. This functionality is useful for testing, learning and rehearsing before a voting session.

  1. Go to Voting > Communications Setup and one of the following two options.
    a. Simulate Voting, which will generate votes randomly
    b. Simulate with Keyboard, which enables votes to be inputted via the computer keyboard.
  2. Follow the Count Voters process.
  3. Follow the voting process described in Voting - Step by Step, with the following exceptions:
    a. For simulated voting, when you press Vote Now, random votes will be generated with all votes received very rapidly.
    b. For keyboard-based simulated voting, when you press Vote Now, votes can be entered manually. For example to enter three votes for option 1, two votes for option 2 and five votes for option 3, press 1 three times, 2 twice, and 3 five times. (The order in which the keys are pressed is not important).
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