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Adjusting the Number of Voters During the Session

There may be a circumstance that someone arrives late, after voting has started, or where a participant is forced to leave part way through the meeting, or even both. Ballot can enable new keypads to be registered for voting part way through the session, or for keypads that are no longer being used to be discounted from the remaining questions.

To enable this feature:

  1. Go to Vote & Report > Voting > Voting Option Settings
    From the Voting window click Tools drop-down > Voting Option Settings
  2. Under the Voter Changes settings click to be notified either
  3. Upon use of additional keypads
  4. Upon inactive or additional keypads
  5. Click OK

To adjust the number of participants:

  1. if unregistered keypads are used, or if registered keypads do not respond to a question, the following screen appears:
  2. In the illustration above, 6 keypads were originally registered, but after one vote, one participant had left and there were two latecomers.
  3. Use the check boxes to:
    a. Activate the new keypads and deactivate the unused ones. Removing keypad will eliminate existing votes from results
    b. Adjust the number of voters. The number of voters may be used to determine when voting automatically stops.
  4. Press OK when completed.


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