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Regulatory Compliance Best Practices for GRC Cloud

Deleting Library Content

Resolver strongly advises against deleting regulatory requirements from your library. If your business needs change or grow, you will not be able to access deleted content without requesting a change order from Resolver. Instead of deleting content, we recommend marking it not applicable.  

Marking Content as Not Applicable

Your team can mark Topics, Sub-Topics, Requirement Summaries, and/or Requirement Details as not applicable. When content is marked not applicable, it is filtered out of your relevant regulatory content. Content that has been marked as not applicable will not appear in your risk assessments or reports.

This allows Resolver Content to continue to maintain your regulatory library so that your requirements will be up-to-date if your business requires regulatory updates.

Viewing Not Applicable and Applicable Requirements

The following reports show which requirements are flagged as not applicable by your organization:

  • Topic Report: 01b) Topic: N/A Assessment Review
  • Sub-Topic Report: 02b) Sub-Topic: N/A Assessment Review
  • Requirement Summary Report: 03b) Requirement Summary: N/A Assessment Review
  • Requirement Detail Report: 04b) Requirement Detail: N/A Assessment Review

If you do not have access or need help configuring these reports, contact support@resolver.com.


The Canadian Compliance Group archives content when a Topic, Sub-Topic, Requirement Summary, and/or Requirement Detail is no longer relevant due to a change in legislation. Additionally, when a regulatory enhancement is added by the CCG, the structure of the content may be changed to better suit the new regulatory requirements.




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