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Rating Scale Criteria

  1. Navigate to Design > Criteria > Add New Criteria. The Criteria Type selection screen appears.
  2. Select Rating Scale. The Rating Scale Criteria Edit screen will open.
  3. Criteria Text: Enter the text to appear on the voting screen (500 character maximum). This is typically the question you are asking your participants to respond to.
  4. Criteria Label: Enter an abbreviated description of criteria that will be seen on some screens, reports, graphs etc. The label is limited to 24 characters and by default, the first 24 character of the Criteria Text appears here.
  5. Scale Selection: Click Scale Selection… to select the number of response choices and enter the text for the response choices. Choose between Custom and Predefined scales.
  6. Custom Scales: Select the number of item choices on the scale (from 2 to 10) and click OK. Enter the text for the choices in the numbered text boxes.
  7. Predefined Scales: Predefined Scales enable you to choose from sample lists of responses. Select the required list and click OK. The wording can be edited/refined on the next screen.
    You can change the Predefined Scale choices available by clicking the Edit Predefined Scales button.

The following settings are optional:

  • Scale Order: Scale choices are numbered for voting purposes. Having 1 as the lower choice typically works best for Rating Scale criteria.
  • Accept button 10 as “No Response”: If you wish participants to have the option to abstain from a vote, yet still register a response as received, checking this option will allow them to abstain by clicking the 10 keypad button.
  • Use Scale Qualification Metrics: Check this box to view alternative definitions for the responses for this criteria, that may be more relevant to a particular audience or for a particular question. For more details see the Predefined Scale Selection and Scale Qualification Metrics section of Help.
  • Add Notes and Actions if required. 

Changing Order of Criteria

Criteria appear on the Criteria screen and the results screen appear in the order in which they were entered into the software. It may be beneficial to change this order prior to, or during a workshop. The order cannot be changed on this screen. It must be done within The Vote and Report section. 

Other Buttons on this Screen

Add New Add an additional criteria
Delete Delete the current criteria
Left/Right Arrow Navigate to the previous/next item in the list
Spell Check Run the spell checker on the screen’s content
Ok Accept changes and close window
Cancel Cancel changes and close window


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