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Select and Format Information on the Vote & Report Screen

The Vote & Report screen is where you will start your voting process and review the results in a table form. This flexible screen enables you to view average scores, vote totals, and measures of agreement; highlight high, medium and low scores with a custom set of colors, add mathematical formulas to your voting results and decide what items, what criteria and what formulae results should be included and excluded from reporting.

Select the Values to Display

The standard setting for the Voting and Results screen for multiple choice and rating scales voting types is to display the average of the votes received, displayed to one decimal place. Several other options are available.

  1. To change the information displayed, navigate to Vote & Report > Data.
  2. Click the required option (from the first five menu items as described below).
  • Averages: The default setting. This is the arithmetic mean of all votes received.
  • Response Totals: The sum of all the votes. For example, out of eight voters, three voted 1, three voted 2 and two voted 3, the response total would be 15, calculated as follows:
  • Agreement – Spreads: This calculates the standard deviation of the values, which is the deviation from the mean for the population, with the result shown to two decimal places.
  • Agreement – Standard Error: Measure of deviation from the mean for a sample. This is similar to standard deviation but takes into account the number in the sample (voters) in order to quantify the accuracy of the deviation measure. (For example, a sample of 100 voters would provide a more accurate assessment of the variation than a group of 20.)
  • Modes - Multiple Choice: For multiple choice votes, the mode may displayed instead of the mean, as the mean is typically not a meaningful measure. The mode is the most commonly observed value in a sample (i.e. the item voted for most often). For example, for a question with three possible answers, option 1 receives 6 votes, option 2 receives 3 votes and option 3 receives 1 vote, the mode is 6, whereas the mean is 4.33.

Select the Values to be Displayed for Groups and Formulae Using Group Values

If you are using the Groups feature, you can select which values appear in the table for each of the groups, using the following two options:

Group Values: Select the average of the underlying item values or the sum of the values.

Formula Values for Groups: Choose either Apply the Formula which calculates the formula based on the group sum or group total; or Average of Item Formula Values, which shows the mean of the calculated value for each item in that group. Depending on the formula used, these options may produce different results.

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