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Filter Results by Stakeholder Groups

The Vote and Report screen can be configured to show results for one or more stakeholder groups rather than all participants.


The facilitator has split the participants into three stakeholder groups reflecting the division of the company for which they work. The facilitator wants to compare the overall vote scores against the votes from participants in the Logistics division only and the Chemicals and Pharmaceuticals combined.

  1. Go to Vote & Report > Data > Filter for Stakeholders. The stakeholder selection window appears.
  2. Use the drop-down menu to select which stakeholder grouping is to be used. Ballot can support multiple definitions of stakeholders, but only one can be selected at a time.
  3. A list of the member groups appears. Check on or off the ones to be included in the results in the Vote and Report screen. In the image below the weighted results of the Pharmaceuticals and Chemicals respondents will be displayed.
  4. Click OK. The Vote and Report screen now includes only the selected Stakeholder member groups. Note that the word Division appears in the top right of the Ballot screen to indicate that the display includes stakeholder filtering.
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