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Additional Settings for Vote & Report Screen

Most settings are found in the Views Format Settings menu.

  1. Navigate to Vote & Report > Format Settings to open the window.
  2. Change screen colors or use the Color Gallery to select from a preset pallet of colors choices.
  3. Use font settings to change the fonts for the all elements of the screen (All) or additionally set different fonts for Heading Text and/or Contents Text.
  4. Use the columns headings option to change the text style for each title and the height of the title bar, relative to the other rows.
  5. Use the ‘Item’ Heading option to change the heading of the titles columns to the word of your choosing (e.g. project, idea, question, risk, control etc.)
  6. Use the Row Contents option to set titles for text style and default fixed or variable heights for each row.
  7. Use the Decimal Places setting, to set the default number of decimal places that are shown for Averages, Spreads, and Standard Error values.

The default number of decimal places for Averages, Spreads, and Standard Error can now be set using the Views Format Settings screen.

Resizing Columns

The relative width of columns and heights of rows can be adjusted on the Voting Results page.

  1. Navigate to Vote & Report > Resize and choose one of three options:
    1. Resize Columns: Column widths are resized automatically to take advantage of available screen width
    2. Resize Columns, Preserve Items: The item columns is kept at its current width and all other columns are optimized
    3. Resize Row Heights: The height of each row is resized to accommodate the item text in full.
  2. Alternative approach to resizing columns widths:
    1. Click on the vertical lines separating the columns within the title row, until the cursor changes to a vertical line with two horizontal arrowheads.
    2. Click and drag the width of each column and then release.
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