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Notes and Action Plan Reporting

Notes and Action Plans can be reported on in three ways.

Notes and Action Plans attached to an Item can be viewed as a report.

  1. Navigate to Reports > List of Items with Notes. A window appears listing only the Items with Notes or Action Plans relating to them. If these items also have links to others, this representation is displayed also. 

To report on all Notes and Action Plans, either connected to items or any other part of your Ballot file:

  1. Go to Vote & Report > Notes > View Notes and Actions List. A window with a tree structure will appear.
  2. Use the + sign icons to expand the lists for items, criteria etc.

To export a text file with Notes information:

  1. Navigate to File > Import/Export > Export Notes to Text. A text file called Ballot Notes.txt is created.
  2. Select a location to save the file and press OK.
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