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Export Information from Ballot to Other Applications

There are various methods for exporting information from Ballot, some of which export data files, while others are designed to provide easy to read reports in other applications.

Note: All Reports from the Vote & Report section can also be exported to the clipboard. For more information, see Generating Reports.

Clipboard Copy View Options

The three Copy View options copy the information on the voting results screen, or a part of it, to the Windows clipboard so that it can be pasted into another application, using standard Windows paste commands (e.g. Ctrl+V). All Copy View Options are accessed through Vote & Report > View > Copy Views

Copy View To Clipboard

Located at: Vote & Report > Views > Copy View > To Clipboard

This option copies all of the information on the current Voting Results screen to the clipboard including item numbers, item names, item types, voting scores and formula results. The voting score results will be dependent on what the Voting Results screen is currently showing (i.e. averages, totals, spreads etc.) and the view selected or stakeholder results filters.

Copy View > for Spreadsheet

Located at: Vote & Report > Views > Copy View > For Spreadsheet

Shows the same as Copy View to Clipboard, except the item numbers are omitted.

Copy View > Ideas Only

Located at: Vote & Report > Views > Copy View > Ideas Only

Copies a list of the Items only to the clipboard, without numbering, results etc.

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