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Communication Setup Overview

The Communications Setup process connects the PC to the base station (or receiver) that in turn communicates with the keypads used for voting. BPS Resolver Ballot supports three brands of voting equipment:

Reply Systems

  • Worldwide keypads
  • Standard keypads
  • Export keypads

(Note that Reply Standard and Reply Export are no longer manufactured)


  • CP31 & CP37 keypads
  • CP21 & CP31 keypads
  • V3.X and V2.X base stations

(Note that CP21 and CP31 keypads and V2.X base stations are no longer manufactured)

Turning Technologies Response Card (IR only)

The following section outlines the communications set up process and the testing of the base stations and keypads for each type of voting equipment, as the functionality of each type varies.

Installing Communications Drivers

The BPS Resolver Ballot Installation Package includes all necessary drivers for all supported versions of Reply Systems, CLiKAPAD, and ResponseCard equipment.

The Ballot installation package is a zip file that will extract to create a number of folders and files for installation purposes. Although the installation package can be deleted after the installation is completed, it is important to retain the files, specifically the folder called USB Drivers, until your voting equipment has been successfully installed.

The Reply Standard/Export and RepsonseCard IR should function immediately, whereas Rely WorldWide and CLiKAPAD need to go through a driver installation process. This process will start when the equipment is first plugged into a USB port on your computer.

When installing the drivers please observe the following:

  • When asked whether to allow the computer to find the drivers automatically or to find them manually, select manually. Browse to the sub-folder within the USB Drivers folder that contains the drivers for your specific equipment. In the case of CLiKAPAD, this driver may be specific to your operating system also.
  • For CLiKAPAD and Reply WorldWide the installation process may have two stages. Although it may appear that the process is repeating itself, this is intentional and you should follow the process a second time if required.

For further assistance installing your voting equipment, please contact Resolver Technical Support.


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