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Create a Session in Resolver Ballot

After starting a new Ballot file or opening an existing one, the first screen you will see is located under Design > Session.

The Session screen lists:

  • The file name (in the menu bar)
  • Session Label (a short reference for the file or workshop)
  • Session Statement (a definition of the purpose of the workshop, which can be shown to participants during the workshop as a reminder or as a tool for managing the discussion)
  • Date file created
  • Date last modified (the last date the file was opened)
  • Communications Setup information (either set up for use with voting equipment or with simulated voters)
  • Number of Voters registered

Add Session Statement and Label (Optional)

  1. To edit the session information click on the Edit icon. 
  2. The session edit screen will appear.
  3. Create a Session Statement.
  4. Create a Session Label.
  5. Additional notes and action plans may be added. 
  6. Click OK to close this window.
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