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Rating Scale

Rating Scale

Responses are made using a scaling method of 2-10 items, where the responses are in a series, ordered by some kind of magnitude.

Examples of ranked scales:

    1. High/Medium/Low
    2. Strongly disagree, Disagree, Neither agree nor disagree, Agree, Strongly agree
    3. Daily, Weekly, Monthly, Quarterly, Annually,
    4. Inevitable, Very likely, Likely, Unlikely, Very unlikely, Remote

In Ballot, rating scale criteria are applied to all items in a file. Therefore, all items are measured on the same criteria. A file can consist of up to 24 different criteria.

Applications of Rating Scales

Rating scales are used when multiple concepts need to be assessed or evaluated on one or more measures.


Risk Assessment:

Evaluate a list of potential business risks on:

  • Likelihood of occurrence
  • Impact if they were to occur
  • Ability to control their occurrence or mitigate their effect

Project Prioritization

Vote on a number of prospective projects, initiatives ideas on the basis of:

  • Immediate increase in revenue
  • Immediate decrease in costs
  • Importance to longer-term strategies
  • Financial resources necessary to complete the project
  • Human resources (headcount, skills etc) to complete the project
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