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Multiple Choice Questions

Multiple Choice questions are similar to Rating Scales, as responses are made to an item with 2-10 choices. However, for a Multiple Choice (MC) question, the same response choices are not applied to every item.

Examples of Multiple Choice questions and responses:

In your opinion, which of these options is the most important project for the marketing department?

  • Upgrade the company website
  • Develop new marketing materials
  • Achieve ISO 9001 accreditation for company
  • Migrate existing customers to enhanced products
  • Develop new overseas markets

Which section of the Sarbanes-Oxley act mandates enhanced internal controls over financial reporting?

  • Section 007
  • Section 404
  • Section 649
  • Section 911

How do you think market share for Japanese vehicle manufacturers in this country will change in the next five years?

  • Increase substantially
  • Increase somewhat
  • Stay about the same
  • Decrease somewhat
  • Decrease substantially

Note that the last question could also be considered a ranking scale. However, if it was a ranking scale, all items in the file would be judged on the criteria of increase substantially, increase somewhat etc.

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