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Additional Item Options

The following steps are optional: 

  • Item Type: If you have set up Item Types, select from the drop down menu or create new item types by clicking Add/Edit Item Types
  • Notes and Actions: To enter Notes or an Action Plan, click Add/Edit
  • Pictures: A graphics file can be added to any item. This will be displayed in the background of the voting screen for this item only. (To set a graphic to appear in the background of all voting screens, such as a customized “heat map” or corporate logo, see Voting Format Settings).
  • Draft Item Pool: As a brainstorming device, the Item Pool can be used as an idea “parking lot” for ideas that come up in conversation with participants. Text can be edited within the Item Pool and then copied and pasted into individual items.

Other Buttons on this Screen

Add New Add an additional item
Delete Delete the items
Left/Right Arrow Navigate to the previous/next item in the list
Spell Check: Run the spell checker on the screen’s content
OK Accept changes and close window
Cancel Cancel changes and close window


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