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Notes and Action Plans

The Notes and Action Plans option can be found in many places in BPS Resolver Ballot. Clicking in a Notes and Action Plans button will open the Notes and Action Plans screen.


Notes are simply text fields where the file preparer or facilitator can provide additional information. The note also has a heading field for easier reference. Notes can be created in advance of a workshop in order to have additional information on hand for further explanation
of an issue, or created and edited during a workshop enabling additional information to be gathered and reported on.

Create or Edit a Note:

  1. Click the Notes and Actions Add/Edit button. 
  2. Enter a heading for the note and enter text.
  3. Press Close when completed, or Delete to remove the note.
  4. Only one note may be created for each item, criteria, session, or other element of the Ballot file to which the note is attached. Notes are in simple text format only and text formatting cannot be applied.

Action Plans

Action Plans are similar to notes but have a distinct structure. In addition to capturing a heading and text, there are also fields for owner, date, priority, and status.

Create or Edit an Action Plan 

  1. Click the Notes and Actions Add/Edit button.
  2. In the Actions section of the screen, click Add.
  3. Enter a heading and text.
  4. Select a date from the pop-up calendar. This is typically an expected completion date
  5. Select the name of an individual to whom the Action Plan has been assigned from the list available.
  6. Make selections for priority and current status.
  7. Press Close when completed, or Delete to remove the note.
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