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Multiple Choice Criteria

  1. Navigate to Design > Criteria > Add New Criteria. The Criteria Type selection screen appears.
  2. Select Multiple Choice. The Multiple Choice Criteria Edit screen will open.
  3. Criteria Label: Enter a label that will be seen on several screens, including the voting screen. This does not need to be the actual question as this can be added later. The criteria label is limited to 24 characters.
  4. Click OK when finished. You will return to the list of Criteria. If any of the criteria are Multiple Choice, a Multiple Choice button is included in the screen.
  5. Click Multiple Choice. A list of just the items in the file appears with the Item Text on the left and Criteria Text on the right, which will be blank.
  6. Edit the question text by clicking the Edit icon for the appropriate item.
  7. The Multiple Choice question edit screen will appear. 
  8. Question Text: The full text of the question may be entered in the Optional Question Text field. If the text of the question is already the item name, this is unnecessary. (When voting, the Optional Question Text will appear where the criteria text would appear for a Ranking Scale question.)
  9. Scale Selection: Select the number of response choices and enter text for the response choices.


The following settings are optional:

  • Scale Order: Scale choices are numbered for voting purposes. Having 1 as the upper choice typically works best for Multiple Choice questions.
  • Accept button 10 as “No Response”. If you wish participants to have the option to abstain from a vote, yet still register a response as received, checking this option will allow them to abstain by clicking the 0 or 10 keypad button.
  • If one answer is designated as being correct, then indicate this using the Correct Answer drop-down menu. After voting is completed, the correct answer will be highlighted in yellow for participants to see. This feature is useful if the purpose of a session is a test or quiz, rather than a survey.
  • Add notes and Actions if required. 


Other Buttons on this Screen

Add New Add an additional criteria
Delete Delete the current criteria
Left/Right Arrow Navigate to the previous/next item in the list
Spell Check Run the spell checker on the screen’s content
Ok Accept changes and close window
Cancel Cancel changes and close window
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