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Ballot enables you to run calculations based on the votes received in a session. These range from simple totals and averages to more complex arithmetical functions. Once a formula is created, it is applied to all items. If any criteria used by the formula are not voted on for an item, no result is returned.

Create a Formula 

  1. Navigate to Design > Formula
  2. Type the name for the formula (e.g. Total, Weighted average, Net score etc.) in the Name field
  3. Type a formula in standard arithmetical form, following the formats listed in the Help window and replicated below. The variables (A, B, C etc) relate to the criteria and are indicated in the Column Reference window at the right. Note that formulae are not case sensitive.

    Arithmetic symbols:

    + Addition: a+b+5

    - Subtraction: a-b-3

    / Division: a/b

    \ Integer Division: a\b

    * Multiplication: a*b*c

    ^ Power: b^2 - Returns the value of b raised to the power 2.


    Abs: abs(d-c) - Absolute returns a positive number for the given value.

    Sqr: sqr(a*b) or sqrt(a+5) - Returns the square root for the given value.

    Functions using arguments: Separate arguments with a ';'

    Mean: mean(a;b;c;d;e;f;g) - Returns the mean average of a set of values.

    Median: median(a;b;c;d) - Returns the middle of a set of values.

    Max: max(c;d;e) - Returns the largest number in the set of values.

    Min: min(a;c;g) - Returns the smallest number in the set of values.

  4. Select which formulae are to appear in the Vote and Report screen in the window that appears after you have completed your formula.
  5. Click OK to close the window.
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