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Quick Query

Quick Query (QQ) is an ideal way to ask participants a “one off” question that is outside the mandate of the rest of the session. Some facilitators chose to use this as an icebreaker and/or to allow their participants to practice using their keypads. All QQ questions are multiple choice with their own criteria and response choices.

Multiple quick query questions can be set up in advance of the session. Additional ones may be generated on the fly from the QQ voting screen.

Quick Query - Step by Step

  1. Navigate to Design > Quick Query.
  2. Click Add New Quick Query.
  3. Enter the QQ question text.
  4. Click Scale Selection to select the number of response choices and type in the choices.
  5. Close the window by clicking OK.

Other Buttons on this Screen

Add New Add an additional criteria
Delete Delete the current criteria
Left/Right Arrow Navigate to the previous/next item in the list
Spell Check Run the spell checker on the screen’s content
Ok Accept changes and close window
Cancel Cancel changes and close window
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