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The Guide and Power Menu

The Guide 

A new feature in BPS Resolver Ballot 6, the Guide enables an inexperienced user to quickly set up the basic components of a Ballot file, run a voting session and chart the results. The guide appears on the right-hand side of the Vote and Report screen. 

Showing/Hiding the Guide

To hide the Guide:

  • Uncheck the Show Guide on Startup box.
  • Go to Design > Tools and uncheck the Show Guide check box.

To show the Guide again, go to Design > Tools and click the Show Guide check box.

The Power Menu

The Power Menu lists 4 to 8 important features or options on voting screens. The purpose of the Power Menu is to provide quick access to these features, without the user/facilitator needing to navigate through menus to locate a specific feature.

The Power Menu is located in the top bar of voting screens and is indicated by an orange lightning bolt icon. 

Vote and Report

The Vote and Report screen is where voting starts and where results are viewed.

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