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Keypad Distributions Chart

The Keypad Distributions Chart enables the meeting facilitator to “drill down” on the voting results for just one item. It is similar to the standard scatter chart except it breaks out the number of respondents who selected each choice on two criteria. In effect, it is like cross referencing two voting screens.

An item has been voted on two criteria. The first was a 1-3 scale, the second a 1-5 scale as shown in the following two images:

These results can be combined through the Keypad Distribution Chart. In the chart below it is possible to see the vote distribution across the two criteria and compare the various points of consensus or disagreement. The circles are proportional to the number of votes received.

In this chart it can be seen that there was a high degree of consensus on option 3 in the X-axis and 1 in the Y-axis. There was also a group who voted 5 in the Y axis, but their votes were spread evenly across the X-axis criteria. It can also be seen that no one voted for 4 on the Y axis and only 1 person voted for 1 in the X-axis criteria. If the information above was expressed in a table it would appear as follows.

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