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Export View Options

The three export options generate text files that can be viewed in a text editor or imported into a spreadsheet or other application. All Export View Options are accessed through Vote & Report > View > Export Views

Export View for Spreadsheet

This generates comprehensive output of all the data held within the Ballot file including:

  • Items, Criteria and Voting Results (Averages) and Standard Deviations
  • Vote Distributions for each item and criteria
  • Vote distributions by stakeholder group
  • Individual keypad responses

The output can be filtered on items, criteria and stakeholder groups to be included. 

The file generated is ballot spreadsheet.txt

Export View for Tabbed Statistics

This generates a full listing of votes listed by keypad, for item/criteria voting and stakeholder voting. The report features a table of keypad numbers next to item/criteria combinations so the actual vote if each keypad can be read.

The file generated is ballot tabbedstats.txt

Export View Formatted from View

This creates a file with rows of data consisting of the following values: Item number, Item type, average vote score, item name. In addition the criteria letters (A, B, C etc) and names are listed.

The file generated is ballotstats.txt

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